Swine Flu conspiracy…

This was the headline of The Sun today..admittedly it is not the most reputable of newspapers around the world but then again which newspaper always reports the truth?

swine flu

Ive been watching the news and internet coverage and its amazing how much panic is being generated.Cases have even been reported in South Africa and doctors have said that it will not be easily contained.What bugs me is the fact the if it does indeed get worse and travel around the world is restricted then we in SA are in for a really crappy World Cup Soccer next year.It might even be cancelled since a stadium filled with people from all around the world would not be the safest thing to attend.Only people that are really happy now are the executives at Roche who make Tamiflu..the flu vaccine.Apparently the swine flu symptoms are the same as regular flu…so next time someone sneezes and says they have flu..BEWARE..oohhhhhh.If you wanna read all the conspiracy theories go to :


At the same time you can order Alex Jone’s number 1 online video : The Obama Deception 🙂


~ by mcsavage on April 30, 2009.

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