14 weeks 2 days..Baby names?!!!??

Im really starting to enjoy updating the baby chronicles entries..it seems like i have so much to write about and just about everyday the proud momma and pops let me know how quickly things are changing.Looking back now its clearly obvious how much the moms body has grown.

8 weeks 4 days

8 weeks 4 days

You can see the difference in the images on the left.I can only imagine how much things are still gonna change.Apparently the most rapid growth and weight gain is still gonna happen.Amazingly( dad is so stoked!) mom is still not experiencing any nausea ..which many have said is completely normal although one theory(or old wives tale) that a woman who experiences


13 weeks 1 day

13 weeks 1 day

morning sickness is most likely to have a boy.Guess mom can say myth busted on that one.Speaking of having a boy..the parents we sold on the name Sarah if it was gonna be a girl but boys names have been rather more difficult.Baby name websites all show the most popular names and some very strange ones are touted to be the favourites in the coming years such as    


14 weeks 2 days

14 weeks 2 days

 Braydon,Jaden,Aiden etc .Mom and Dad dont like any of those and are leaning towards Dylan which means son of the sea and is a legendary Welsh hero.Dad is under some pressure to name the little one after one of his friends or a combination of the two..somehow Cad or Kad doesnt seem quite right!He did however come up with two alternatives ,Tyler or Tyson, but the mom has blatantly threatened to leave him if he pushes for either of those :)Anyone like them or have other suggestions?


~ by mcsavage on April 24, 2009.

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