Its a boy!!!

I know that i just recently posted an entry in the baby chronicles but i didnt cover everything i wanted to say and more has happened since the last post anyways!When the parents first found out they were pregnant and began telling people ,it was amazing to see everyones reaction to the news.The dad was just as excited to find out(he was gonna be a dad) but equally stoked to see the reaction of his friends.Contrary to the popular scenario of all the guy friends going “WHAT???!!!… damn… that sucks dude.. ” every single one of his friends was just as happy..some even cried a little( not mentioning any names Chad!).

where the baby was made!

where the baby was made!

Strange though that many of the people (mostly the girls) would approach the dad and say ” well done”.What the hell is that supposed to mean?He keeps wondering whether it was a compliment or were they just expecting failure!!!Now that the female friends have found out its a boy they all seem pissed off at the dad!!Why dammit? They seem to be under the impression that the dad deserved a girl!

momma walking in the rain in Cecelia forest

momma walking in the rain in Cecelia forest

The mom is still having restless nights but plenty impromptu naps during the day.She’s still not having any morning sickness but has a new found predilection for Tabasco sauce…the more the better.Mood swings are becoming a little more noticible and dad is now less correct(about everything) than he was before πŸ™‚ Clothing ..especially tight fitting tops are becoming too tight and temperature tolerance is slightly askew( she goes from wearing a jersey,jacket and scarf to nekid in the space of 20 seconds).

The happy parents went to a kiddies birthday party yesterday and mom was surrounded by several toddlers.”Good preparation”, said the dad while he watching the tennis with all the other dads!Mom seemed a little overwhelmed but thouroughly enjoyed all the cake and sweets on offer!They also recieved a beautiful baby basket from the host parents and are more than grateful and really appreciate the kindness.

Forgot to post this image in the last entry.Cant see much but i thought it was worthwhile including.It shows the baby boy’s heart beat.Pity you cant hear it.Dad says it sounded like a lion roaring with a ferrari in the background πŸ™‚


ps..Happy Happy to Jean Poole today.


~ by mcsavage on April 20, 2009.

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