13 weeks and 1 day..

Last time i updated the baby chronicles was when the little one was 11 weeks and 4 days and much has happened since then.The reason i havnt made more frequent posts is simply because the mom only had her scheduled scan yesterday and i wanted to post the images of the ultrasound.Her belly is clearly starting to show now and the she is filling babaknysnaout sideways as well.Clothes still fit ok but her boobs are starting to outgrow her bra’s :)Her weight went from 61 kilo’s to 62.5kg..and im pretty sure thats not the baby gaining weight ..its all the cake that she punishes.No other weird food cravings yet ,just an increase in amount consumed really..she apparently woke up at 4.30 am this morning because she couldnt sleep and then realised that it was the perfect time for a sandwich! Dad says he’s not too bothered by the restless sleep as all the baby books (there are now 5 books and 2 DVD’s) said it was normal since the baby is growing all the time.

Mom is still not experiencing any( and i mean nothing) morning sickness which is awesome since there are only two things she fears dreadfully and throwing up is right up there with needles(and cockaroaches but thats another story).Which brings me to the doctors appointment yesterday.At 13 weeks you need to go to the fetal assessment centre to undergo a scan to check the babies health and the probability of the baby having a genetic abnormality like Downs Syndrome.This is really an nerve wracking experience…especially when sitting in the waiting room they give you a pamphlet that explains everything that can go wrong..not cool.Her blood test came back great and didnt show any indication of a problem and it was then external ultrasound time to check  for physical signs that everything was good to go.Its amazing how technology can show a 13 week baby in such detail.Lots of ooohs and ahhhhhs followed and the baby apparently has dads energy since it didnt stop moving the entire scan.And the results :



  • Size: 7cm from head to bum
  • Nasal bone: check
  • Nuchal translucency: small depth of fluid
  • Fingers and toes: all there
  • Heart rate: 164 (normal)
  • Bones: solid
  • Penis: YES PLEASE!!( ok 90% sure)woop woop!

     “go on my son!”


~ by mcsavage on April 17, 2009.

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