Dolphins can speak?WTF!

On sky news today they ran a piece on a british engineer who claims he is close to understanding what dolphins are saying by using an invention which changes sounds into an image called a Cymascope.They monitor what whistles and clicks the dolphins are making when they are looking at a particular object and then produce an image of that sound.

cymascope image

cymascope image

As an example they produced this image which is unique and shows what sound the dolphins make when looking at a sea urchin ( or a ball..i wasn’t really paying attention since i was at the gym riding a bicycle!)The engineers hope that they can use this technology as a human to dolphin sign language.Some other researchers believe this is a long shot andhas been tried before with limited success…but one of my secret sources at sky news confirms that it is legitimate as they did not run the entire story.He had this to say: “two humans were having a conversation on the side of the aquarium and talked about how happy the all male dophins were in captivity and how great their diet was when one of the dolphins repeatedly made a sound that when run through the cymascope the following image was produced”:

universal speak for: "screw u dumbass"!

universal speak for: "screw u dumbass"!


~ by mcsavage on April 7, 2009.

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  1. LOL !!!!! epic

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