The Baby Chronicles..

When i decided on the creation of this blog one of the major influences was to document the development of a new addition to the close circle of people that surround me.Its been a great honour to be given an insiders perspective  by a very special couple (who shall remain anonymous but im sure many of you know!) that recently found out they were gonna be parents.

So ill do a quick summary of what has happened so far: it was Valentines Day and the dad had just returned from a job out of town.Apparently mom had a feeling that something was different and since they’d been trying to get pregnant for about two months she went to the local pharmacy and bought a pregnancy test and presented (very casually!) the following gift;)

Woop Woop!!

Woop Woop!!

I must add that prior to this successful test(actual picture) the mom had done a couple of tests before which came out negative .On the first occasion she didnt wanna pee on the stick so she naturally chose the most convenient nearby container that happened to be a drinking glass..word of warning from the dad is that if you happen to go their house do not drink from the tumbler that says Three Ships whiskey!

So with great excitement and some butterflies( and maybe 14 other positive tests later!) they decided to go see the highly recommended Dr Zinn at Kingsbury Hospital.Some lube , a very very long( according to dad!) internal pelvic ultrasound probe and viola..smiles and giggles all round at the image on the monitor :0

8 weeks and 4 days..i think i see a penis!!

8 weeks and 4 days..i think i see a penis!!

If i go through all the details thats happened since then i think it will lenghthen an already too long post.The mom is currently 11 weeks and 4 days.She is constantly sleepy, sometimes more than 12 hours( dad goes yay!) but fortunately she’s had no morning sickness at all.Cravings not significant except for cake( dad thinks its just an excuse since he cant say she’ll get fat anymore!) and occational mood swings when theres no cake!There is no clear indication that she has a bump but youll be able to observe the changes as i post them.

No bump but boobs goes yay!

No bump but boobs goes yay!

Mom used to have an average weight of  approximately 58 kilograms( 128 pounds) and is currently a massive 61 kilos( 136 pounds)..remind me to post a joke about that tommorrow!My apologies for the extended post but i had to cram about 3 months info time will be shorter..she goes for another scan next week.


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