My apologies to all those unlucky folk who’s curiosity (or perversion!) got the better of them and clicked on the link i posted yesterday.Not what you expected but hey..April Fools Day deserves to be celebrated as does National Cleavage Day which turned out in typical Cape Town form!

thankx ladies for stepping up..

thankx ladies for stepping up..


 I also mentioned yesterday that one of the categories i would continually run with would be crack-the-nod.For those of you who havnt figured it out yet its simply anyone or anything thats worthy(see above) and deserving of an entire post all to themselves.It can be anything special .. on both extreme ends of the spectrum..really really magnificent or ridiculously gross or moronic.

Offside joke of the day( told to me two days ago and i was the only guy who laughed!): Jane Goody( UK reality TV star who passed away of cancer last week) had said in her will that she wanted to be cremated.Why someone asked and the response was; so they can seperate the ashes and everyone at her funeral can go home with a “goody” bag.

Not cool but i still couldnt help laughing…


~ by mcsavage on April 4, 2009.

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