National Cleavage Day?!

Sorry for not updating the blog yesterday.Was a perfect day on the beach.Who said summer was over?The unbelievable weather is not normal but then who’s complaining!Its supposed to be a scorcher today also.. 34 degrees or something silly…appropriate especially since today is national cleavage day…national cleavage daynot sure what the point of it is but again..whos complaining!I wonder how many guys reading this section are paying attention or are thinking what a fine example of cleavage this is..pity she’s a man though!Ha ha…

Ok starting to sleep a little better and that has nothing to do with the long lasting poker game last night but more to do with the fact that i came up with a blog management system that should make my choice of topic a little easier.Did some rapid blog research and realised that the easiest way to decide what to write about is to designate a particular day to a certain category or just write about anything as long as it can be categorized.Wordpress makes a handy category section that will allow users to navigate entries that have a common thread.I wrote down some ideas and came up with the following: current events,  bitch-and-moan , the baby chronicles, reviews, bar ammo,crack the nod, and maybe a sports section.Pretty self explanatory topics except maybe for bar ammo and crack the nod but it will all make sense when the post arrives.

A special dedication goes out to two people today..both birthday wishes.One goes out to Uncle Mikey from Caprice for yesterday and the other is for Andrea “give me everything!”.Happy birthday gents.

Since i missed April fools day i thought i might as combine it with National Cleavage Day so here’s another picture to make you smile

nice kitties!!

nice kitties!!

if you wanna see more of these but a little more naughty then please go
Warning!! Not for prudish viewers.Happy cleavage day and a LOL post-april fools day!

~ by mcsavage on April 3, 2009.

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