Cheers Bearded Betty!

I talk alot….so much so that im constantly aware that im either interrupting someone or not letting them talk at all!

So in a bid to curb what is clearly a healthy enthusiasm for conversation( possibly a slight inclination toward argument) ive decided that writing a blog might just slow down the verbal assaulting.I tried to sustain a facebook blog in the form of a group but since they changed the layout and seperated the pages it got lost amongst the clutter.It wasnt all a waste though since ive used some of the entries of that blog in this one and hopefully a literary legacy( at least amoungst my friends!) is in the making.

“Write that SHIT down” one of my friends once said..and im gonna to do just that..with a blatant disregard for the supposed rules of syntax.So in my crusade to move beyond the pseudo-intellectual majority and pretend to be the next Hemingway im fullfilling a longexisting void that hopefully sates my desire to accumulate knowledge(especially my obsession with fog wisdom!) and somehow transfer it the the rest of mankind.
Somewhere in the garbage dump of my neural networks lies a pandora’s box of insight and wisdom..i just need to find it!It may be prematurely naive but at the very least its an attempt to document my thoughts and the progress of something special( more on that another day).

As this is my first blog entry i felt it appropriate that my intial attempt at social commentary be a farewell message.An ozzie friend is at this very moment boarding a plane.How amazing was it then that his last sunset in Camps Bay turned out to be one of the best farewell presents ever.

Cheers mate..Cape Town will miss you.

Cheers mate..Cape Town will miss you.


~ by mcsavage on March 31, 2009.

2 Responses to “Cheers Bearded Betty!”

  1. was wondering what ever happened to that blog on fb… definitely a better layout! cheers*

  2. cheers mate..I miss Capetown.

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